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Thank you !!!
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A fresher look at the foundation


In Formemos, we develop our project through the MISSIONAL and SUSTAINMENT activities. The MISSIONAL activities are the reason and the very essence of Formemos, which are carried out through the school, homes, the farm and social welfare areas through which we develop our mission and are the ones that give meaning to the Institution. On the other hand, the activities of SUSTAINMENT, are those that are focused on the search for resources to finance the missionary and operational activities of the Foundation.
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Golf Tournament Fundación Formemos


Suspended due to pandemic.
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Job opportunity


Job opportunity for graduates of the Fundación Formemos
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Open enrollment


School and home in the municipality of Tena , Cundinamarca for population in condition of displacemente or vulnerable peasents.
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To thank is to live: know the Gratitude Network


Being grateful is something so basic that sometimes we forget. Occasionaly we are not aware of how lucky we are for what we have: family, health, another day of life, friendships, food and education, among other thousands of daily blessings.   
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Colombianity Festival in Frankfurt


On july 20 in Frankfurt, Germany, the Fouth Festival of Colombianity was held. We were fortunate to present our Coffee Formemos to more than 200 attendees.
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