Support plan

Understood as the linking of natural or legal persons with support for food, housing and education for the beneficiaries of the foundation.


We Need You !!!

We need you! and your friends, family and acquaintances! Let us make the dreams of the children of Formemos possible and that in the future they will be the ones who contribute to our country. Thank you for your donation, we invite you to do so whenever you can!

$25,385,000 to reach the goal

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It is time to be united

Now is the time. Your donation will allow the children of Formemos and their families to feed in these difficult times for all. Together we are more, we can help more and we can reach more places. Together we can go ahead.

Thanks to you, this cause reached the goal to reach the goal

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This project seeks to implement a comprehensive nutrition program for 150 children and young students of the Fundación Formemos, based on a balanced diet, with 5 servings a day, that provides them with the nutritional requirements necessary to develop physically and mentally and promote among students and their families, good eating habits and practices.

$119,060,000 to reach the goal

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Contribute to the permanence of 152 peasant children or children in a situation of displacement in the education sector. Each scholarship awarded will give the possibility for a pre-school, primary and secondary school student, attended by Formemos, to continue their education, which will allow them to improve their quality of life and avoid their dropout.

$200,000,000 to reach the goal

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School Supplies

Provision of school supplies for 152 preschool, primary and secondary school students attended by the Fundación Formemos.

$80,000,000 to reach the goal

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