To thank is to live: know the Gratitude Network

To thank is to live: know the Gratitude Network


¿What is the Gratitude Network?

An initiative that seeks to raise awareness of gratitude towards life in society. Based on gratitude, people are united to form a hopeful future. The money raised is used for donations at the Formemos Foundation, ACODET and the Our Lady of the Visitation Cloister.

“RED DE GRATITUD has designed a handle, to be acquired and given as a token of gratitude, under the scoop that life happens in moments and many times we forget to give thanks. The handle is the way to thank all the people who have supported us unconditionally with a smile, a word or a hug ”

The initiative consists of:

Buy the handle, carry it or give it to a person with whom you feel grateful, and explain how the Gratitude Network works so that the project continues to grow.

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