The Fundación Formemos invites schools, universities, and companies to participate in our eco-pedagogical visits, having the opportunity to help and share a day with our displaced children and youth and peasants.

We have different activities:


  • Agricultural and Livestock Activities:
  • Ecological Tours: Start your day with a walk and get in touch with nature. We have an Ecological trail where our visitors can enjoy a space of relaxation and meditation.
  • Visit our garden: Know and learn the process of sowing, developing and harvesting vegetables. Organic fertilizers, composting and biodigester.
  • Visit the agricultural and livestock projects: In the productive units, you will find our projects for broiler chicken, laying hens, rabbits, sheep, goats, and pigs. Learn about your production process and interact through daily activities such as collecting, cleaning, and sorting eggs. Learn about the anatomy of the pig through dissection.


  • Pedagogical Activities:
  • Aula Amiga: we have a virtual classroom, where you can learn in a didactic way and use the tools that technology offers us.
  • Ruta del Café: in our Fundación, you can meet and learn about coffee, with a tour of the different processes necessary for its production. 


What you will see along the route will be:


  1. Sowing process: Type of seed and conditions, germination and storage.
  2. Coffee Trail: You can observe different varieties of coffee (Castillo, Tabi, Colombia and typical) sown, in their different stages of production and different fertilization systems.
  3. Coffee benefit: Process that is done to the coffee after its collection. It includes an explanation in the management of water honeys and of the cacota.
  4. Coffee Drying Systems: Parabolic and African beds.
  5. Coffee roasting: Coffee threshing, handling of roasting curves, coffee grinding and packing.
  6. Coffee Laboratory: Physical and sensory coffee tests are conducted to identify the most outstanding characteristics, quality in your cup.

Visit our bakery: You can meet and interact in the processes of making bread, cookies, and jams, as well as learn through a playful talk about what is necessary for their production.

Visit our recycling workshop: Recycling in our world is as important as knowing how to properly use the paper we discard on a daily basis. With this workshop, you will learn to create different products.


confirmation of the event must be made 10 days in advance to the mail [email protected]


In this video you will find a summary of our ecopedagical visits: