Andrés Cepeda supports Formemos

Andrés Cepeda supports Formemos


The Bogota producer, singer and composer Andrés Cepeda will perform at the "Melodías que Siembran Esperanz"a concert, with the main objective of raising funds for the education of more than 150 boys, girls and adolescents who come from rural areas and vulnerable populations in Colombia. , many of them victims of armed conflict and displacement.

The Fundación Formemos is a special school that offers a comprehensive education for the countryside. Its mathematics, history and science classes are complemented with internships on the farm, which allows students to acquire the work skills necessary to develop their own entrepreneurial projects or be employed in the rural sector.

The Foundation's livestock activity includes pig farming, poultry farming, rabbit farming, vermiculture and livestock farming. Agricultural activity includes coffee cultivation, vegetable gardens and nurseries.

The contribution of donors will be essential to improve the quality of life of children and their families, allowing a better future for their communities.